“Making a difference, one child at a time”

Building Relationships – Your child will become a lifelong learner who can easily develop relationships which we believe is the glue for future learning. Relationships enhance your child ‘s self-confidence and also teaches them companionship, understanding and support to make it through the challenges of life.

Nurturing – When your child feels emotionally secure, appreciated and respected, they will thrive and engage in meaningful learning. As a team we wilrespond to your child’s needs and will care holistically for you and your child, laying foundations for all future learning and also contributing to your child’s confidence, independence and resilience.

Belonging – Your child will develop a sense of belonging in our beautiful centre whilst being accepted for who they are by our nurturing teachers and getting to know them as individuals. We value the importance of your child developing trust in themselves and the world around them and involving you as, family, in your child’s learning.


Our Philosophy

At Tauriko Tots we provide children with a welcoming and nurturing environment where they can be themselves, explore at their own pace and where they know they belong. Children learn through play-based learning which encourages the development of creativity, problem solving, empathy and leadership.  

Developing competent and confident learners is at the forefront of our planning.  Knowing they will be nurtured by our staff and have a strong sense of belonging is vital for their wellbeing.

We believe family/whānau are pivotal in the development of their child and bind us, teachers and families/whanau, together, building strong foundations and connections with each other that will enhance their child’s growth.

Connecting and having strong links to the community is important to us, helping to form relationships, understanding and being part of the world around us, while providing children with rich learning experiences in a safe and exciting learning environment.

We are actively committed to honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi and guiding our practices with Te Whāriki, the Early Childhood Curriculum, which is embedded / weaved through everything our teachers do.  



Tauriko Tots Childcare Centre - Tauriko, Tauranga

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